Full Version: Is it Imbricaria vanikorensis?
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I'm in doubt about this shell id. I am not sure it is vanikorensis species.

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Sorry, I forgot others indications:
Locality New Guinea
Dimensions 13.5 - 15 mm
It is not Imbricaria vanikorensis, it looks more like one of the Scabricola species, maybe ocellata?
I would say Scabricola limata
Here is a new more detailed photo.
Can you confirm Scabricola limata ?

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Scabricola (Swainsonia) limata and S. ocellata are similar in color and pattern, but S. ocellata is generally more elongate, with a taller spire, and a length-width ratio about 3.  S. limata typically looks "short and plump" with distinctly rounded whorls, and a length-width ratio slightly more than 2.  Also, the spiral grooves in S. limata are distinctly punctate, while in S. ocellata they are smooth or nearly so.  For these reasons I think this specimen is S. limata.

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Paul, what to say ? Thanks for you so clear explanation