Full Version: Shell Necklace
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this shell is a prezzie from dad he says its a cat eye but not quite to sure, its a circular white shell and sprials to the middle and has a brown patten which flows the sprial. i have up loaded a picture on the website below.
it would mean so much if some one could help me out

thanks heaps,
Nikita .P. Rose

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I can not see well from the picture. But it would seem the first laps of a Conus marmoreus.
It definitely is not a cat eye, which is an operculum or "door" that closes a turban shell when the animal withdraws inside.  Your shell doesn't appear to be a complete shell, but is probably a piece sawed off a shell.  The opinion offered above by Razgriz is probably right.  This does look like the spire (spiraled end), cut off a Conus marmoreus, commonly called "Marble Cone Shell".  Here is what that shell looks like complete:

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Notice how the end view of the shell, in the center, looks like the shell on your necklace.
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thank use both for that it your both right it means alot thanks again
kindess regrads
Nikita,P, Rose