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i also wont to know how shells are made or come about cause i read they were made up of molecules and that by the motion of the water froms the shell, but if that happens why is there shells of the same...species?.... i was also told they have no cells but thats imposselable...right? i would just like to no these things cause i have a big imagation and like being smarter than my dad lol...hes a no it all
The shells themselves are not cellular, but they are the remains of animals that were indeed cellular. The animals which make the shells are mollusks.  There are two major groups of shell-bearing mollusks, and a few smaller groups.  The two main groups are gastropods and bivalves.  Gastropods are snail-like species which grow in a spiral pattern.  They include conchs, whelks, abalones, and many different families of snails that live in marine, fresh water, and terrestrial habitats.  The other major group, bivalves, includes mollusks whose shell is in two separate halves, joined by a hinge.  They include clams, mussels, scallops, oysters, cockles, and many others. Since mollusks are animals, they are classified into families and species, just like other animals. You can find a lot of additional information at this website:

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thank you so much for that and for my necklace
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