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Trivia know they come from Asia to help identify the species?
thanks in advance

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This may well be Trivia oryza, as indicated in your link.  But this is a tough question.  Practically every tropical to subtropical locality has its own "little white Trivia", and the tendency has been to lump most of them, at least the Indo-Pacific ones, under the name "oryza".  I have lots from the Philippines, Taiwan, India, South Africa, Japan, Australia, the Red Sea, and Hawaii, all labeled "Trivia oryza", and as far as I can see, they are all identical or very nearly so.  That's not unlikely.  There are plenty of other species (not Trivia) that extend over that great a range.  But I have also received shells labeled T. hordacea, T. pellucida, and T. globosa that are very similar to T. oryza.  Some years back I recall reading an opinion by one author to the effect that shells included under the name "oryza" might represent as many as a dozen different species.  Poppe's Philippine Marine Mollusks illustrates more than 20 species of "little white Trivias" from the Philippines alone, and I challenge anyone to make a positive ID by comparing their specimen to these illustrations, even though the illustrations are of superb quality.  So, if your specimen were mine, I'd stick with "oryza" unless I had good evidence to use one of the other names.
Ok Thanks for the information and aid. Goodbye to the next post