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The first one looks like the land snail genus Placostylus, but I can't place the species.

The second one is a Balcis species, in the family Eulimidae. Probably either Balcis martini or Balcis grande.  (Actually I think these two may be synonymous.)
these shells  me a friend of the Chinese leadership but do not know their exact location
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pensaba que podria ser de la familia ellobidae ¿
I noticed the resemblance of the first shell to Ellobium, and it was a toss up between that and Placostylus.  But there are only a few medium size species of Ellobium, and I didn't think this shell matched them very well.  It certainly isn't E. aurismidae.  The most likely candidate would be E. aurisjudae, but I have several specimens of that species, and mine are much more slender.  Still ... maybe just a wider, more solid form of that species?  Could be!
podria tratarse de Ellobium chinense Pfeiffer, L., 1856 ?
Looks like a good match!

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