Full Version: Is this a Cypraea Eglantina?
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My Name is Tom and I am retired from the Navy and my wife and I  have been collecting shells for over thirty years.

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My first post, so I hope the link works.  It shows every angle of what I have listed in my collection as a Cypraea Eglantina.
My wife found a Cypraea Scurra in Hawaii and we cannot find it in our collection any more.  Is there any chance we misnamed this shell.  It's too cylindrical for a Histro or Arabicia.  I think it's too small and there are too many of the circular marks to make it an Eglantina.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  
Thanks Tom
Hi Tom, I think you will find this is your long-lost scurra! It is too elongated for eglantina and the teeth are wrong.
I was hoping that was the case, but I couldn't find anything conclusive in the books I have.  
Thank you