Full Version: Minature Mussel?
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I found this tiny shell in Tampa on Florida's Gulf Coast.  It looks to me like a very small Mussel, possibly <i>Geukensia granosissima</i>.  However, I'm not sure due to its small size (13mm) and well defined alternating white and reddish/brown bands.

Thanks in advance for the help!

<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />
I don't think this is the right shape for a Geukensia.  I think it looks more like a Brachidontes.  In any case, you can't let the small size influence your ID determination.  They all start out life small.  Even a 200 pound Tridacna gigas was once a few millimeters in length!
Paul-- appreciate the advice.  I think you're right about the shape.  It is almost certainly <i>Brachidontes exustus</i>.  I've seen a few photos, and while the coloring is somewhat variable, the shape, ribbing, and banding appear to be the same.  Thanks.