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Hi Alex, looks like one of the <i>Conus spectrum</i> forms.
Thank you Dave. What is it a form?
Please help with ID
Conus Sp. 33mm Philippines. Palawan
<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />
Sometimes a species will come in a range of colours or patterns, these are known as forms ( Latin <i>forma</i>)and some that occur regularly are named. The names have no taxonomic value but the name gives you an idea of what a particular shell looks like. For example, one C. spectrum form is named 'pica' and is a black and white shell so if you see for sale 'Conus spectrum forma pica' you will know what the shell will look like.
Hope this helps,
Thanks for an explanation, became more clear now. Whether has the form the first C. spectrum?
It is form C. spectrum f. pica?
<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />
Yes, that does look like form pica.
Dear Dave, thanks for consultations. Yes it C. spectrum f. pica. I cannot understand with the top. Whether it is possible to carry it to C. spectrum f. petergabrieli or it too C. spectrum f. pica?
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