Full Version: 1" bumpy cowrie shaped shell, need help with id
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Please help me to identify odd little bumpy cowrie looking shell on the left, I believe it may have come from Tahiti, but I am not positive.Actually, I could an ID on both.
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I don't think they are reflections. <img src="smile/kneu_pkpas.gif" alt="smile/kneu_pkpas.gif" style="border:0" />
I was under the impression that granulatas were endemic to Hawaii, and that "grannies" from the Marquesas are actually considered "cassiaui" and were much more rare... Opinions...?
Hi there, it is definately reflections on the side of the isabella. With such dark tips it looks more like Luria controversa to me.
Cassiaui is a subspecies of Staphylaea granulata from the Marquesas Islands. Tahiti is an unlikely locality but Marquesan shells are commonly found on dealers tables in the markets of Tahiti. Looking at the picture could it possibly be a worn Staphylaea nucleus?
the isabella could be isabella lekalekana? i have it from new caledonia, and it has more brown than red spots at both ends..