Full Version: Please help ID these cones!
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I purchased these two cones while in the P.I. in 1984, both fresh dead w/animal. The white one had a "hairy" periostricum similiar to C. geographus & the banded one had a thin, transluscent skin. The banded one <i>resembles</i> C. pergrandis but I don't think that's it.  The white one stumps me (I have limited resources on Conus sp.) but seems too clean & glossy for C. sugimotonis.  Any ideas/direction?

Thanks in advance.

Don Van Hook
Hi Don, any chance of some photos?
Sorry, I was trying to find a way to attach but here there are:
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Hi Don, the white one does look like sugimotonis to me, as to the other, I will have to do some more research. You could try Eddie Hardy's site,  there are plenty of images to check there.
Although the spire is a little more elevated than usual, I believe the smaller shell is Conus lenavati Da Motta & Rockel, 1982.