Full Version: 4 unidentified Indian Ocean gastropods
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Hi all,
Here are a few gastropods that I cannot identify, they are all from Indian Ocean.
1 is from southern India and is 29 mm long.
The next three are from Mauritius
2 is 18 mm long.
3 is 17 mm long.
4 is 35 mm long.

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Thanks for any help.
1. Bullia belangeri  Kiener, 1834

2. a turrid, perhaps a Turridrupa? Can't name the species.

3. Nassarius sp., looks like an immature, beachworn Nassarius coronatus  Bruguiere, 1789, but not certain.

4. Probably Cymatium gemmatum  (Reeve, 1844)
The family is Nassariidae

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Thank you Paul,
What is the family of Bullia belangeri?
I can find no record of Bullia belangeri, it looks more like <i>Bullia vittata </i> (Linne. 1767)from the Indian Ocean to me.
Thanks for these investigations Dave.
#1 can also match Bullia melanoides (Deshayes) from the BULLIINAE plate on
You could be right, it is difficult to see from the pictures as they are rather small. It is much easier having the actual specimen at hand.