Full Version: Help with Buccinums needed
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Does anyone know the difference between the Common Northen Buccinum (whelk) and the Plectrum Buccinum? It's hard to get info. on the latter. What are the geographical ranges of both? I think I have one of each, but not sure.
Hi Tom, do you know the latin names?
Buccinum undataum (Common Northern Whelk/Buccinum) and Buccinum plectrum (Sinuos Whelk or Plectrum Buccinum). TH
Tom, plectrum is only the Western Atlantic subspecies of B. undatum. Undatum is a very variable shell and I personally can see no particular differences between the two. Sorry I can't be of more help.Look on Eddie Hardy's site;  There are images of both there.
Dave, Thanks. I found examples of both on You can see why the plectrum is only a subspecies. Very similar.