Full Version: Need ID: which Bivalve? 6
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Hi, can anybody ID this Bivalve?
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I got it in Zanzibar (Tanzania): it is about 3 cm in size.
Please need Latin and English names.
Many thanks in advance,
Looks like family Tellinidae but I can't put a name on it.
Can please anybody halp ID this Tellinidae?
Thanks in advance for your effords,
PS: the real shell have a brighter red to pink pigmentation.
Perhaps Donax faba (Gmelin, 1791). A common and variable specie found in the western Indian Ocean.
Hi Giovanni, Donax faba is known as the Bean Wedge Shell but at 3 cm it is far too big to be this species. I would still go for a Tellina species. Try Poppe's or one of the other dealer's websites like Femorale and try Tellinidae.
Hi Dave, followed your suggestions and found a similar specimen: could it be a Macoma litoralis, although the latter are paler?
Please advide, cordially,
Many thanks for your ID.
Perhaps, do you also have the English name?
Thanks in advance,
Yes, it could possibly be. Some shells become brighter coloured when they are worn. Macoma dispar is another possibility.