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Hello they could indicate me if they are tonnas chinensis and the name of the fisurrellas of rich port and of the columbellidas i philipinas neritas?  thank you premature
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Hi Xavier, not sure about the Tonna or Fissurella but the Columbellids look like Pyrene flava and the Nerita are Nerita histrio(=squamulata). If you have exact locality data it would be very helpful.
zenkiu and fisurrellas for puerto rico and tonna is thailandia
Hi Xavier, I have had another look at the tonna and I think they are T. canaliculata. As to the Fisurella, I can see at least 4 species. The picture is not clear enough to determine which species they are, I would need to see a much larger picture. Another alternative is if you could send some to me, maybe one of each form, then I could give you a positive i.d.
of agreement sr. dave makes you. the please indicate me their postal address and I plow him a fisurellas shipment indicates me which are the forms that you go in the picture being the first one of up to the left I number it one premature thank you