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Dear Paul,

What is the diff. between conus nobilis and conus cordigera..



ps.. sorry for not asking permission from you for answering Taz's unidentified conus..
Hi Raffy,

There isn't a lot of difference between the two, and like everything in taxonomy it comes down to a matter of opinion whether C. cordigera deserves full species status. I tend to follow Rockel, Korn & Korn (Manual of the Living Conidae), who do recognize C. cordigera as a species. Their descrïption states:

"C. cordigera closely resembles C. nobilis. The latter species differs mainly in its non-tuberculate early and carinate later postnuclear whorls, and its coarse alternating brown and white spiral lines within the larger solid brown areas of its last whorl".  Not exactly a long list of criteria for separating the two!

This is an open forum. No-one needs permission to ask or answer a question.

Thank you so much Sir Paul for the opinion and the information, it gives me an overview of the specimen physically and scientifically..

Thanks a lot! =D

Best Regards,
Hi Raffy, I am a newbie to this forum but it looks good. Another way,though not foolproof, to separate these two species is locality. If it comes from the Philippines it most probably is NOT nobilis but cordigera, if it comes from Indonesia ( Bali or the molluccas) then it almost certainly WILL be nibilis.
Hope this is helpful.
Hi Dave, Welcome to the forum!!! And nice to meet you! Thank you so much for your info. The range in Conus nobilis is perfect.. It really helps me a lot separating these two..
Hi Raffy,my pleasure and thanks for the welcome.
My pleasure too Dave and you're always welcome! =D