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Shell collection that needs to be identified. You may view the shells at <a href="" target="_blank"><!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --></a>  and/or

 <img src="images/smiley/smile.gif" alt="" border="0" />  Check out the new specimen that I have in the Shell ID needed folder at <a href="" target="_blank"><!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... _ID_needed</a><!-- m --></a>  <span class="petit">--Last edited by ysacostas on 2007-10-11 15:11:50 --</span>
Well now, that's a LOT of shells!  OK, for starters I'll take a shot at Group 7 (forgive me if I don't look up the authors and dates for all these) ...

1 Conus suratensis
2 Conus leopardus
3 Conus bandanus vidua
4 Conus kintoki or possibly Conus coelinae
5 Conus kintoki
6 Conus virgo
7 Conus litteratus
10 Conus generalis
11 Conus thalassiarchus
13 Conus striatus
14 Conus nicobaricus
15 Conus vexillum
16 Conus laterculatus
17 Conus textile
18 Conus textile
19 Conus miles
20 Conus pertusus
21 Voluta (Cymbiola) vespertilio
22 (L to R) Conus catus nigropunctatus; Conus arenatus; Conus mercator; Conus sp., species uncertain.
23 Voluta (Cymbiola) vespertilio
24 Conus vexillum
25 Voluta (Cymbiola) vespertilio
26 Mitra eremitarum
27 Mitra cardinalis
28 Mitra papalis
29 Conus stercusmuscarum
30 Conus ammiralis
31 Conus textile (beachworn)
32 Conus gloriamaris
33 Conus aulicus propenudus
34 Conus episcopatus
35 Conus sp., species uncertain
36 Conus gloriamaris
37 Conus miles
38 Conus coccineus
39 Conus textile
40 Conus geographus
41 Conus magus (one of many forms)
42 Conus generalis
43 Conus mustelinus
44 Conus sp., species uncertain, may be a light-colored Conus distans
45 Conus tessulatus
46 Conus telatus
47 Conus ammiralis
48 Conus glaucus
49 Conus marmoreus
50 Conus generalis
51 Conus marmoreus
52 Conus pulicarius
53 Conus sp., species uncertain, perhaps a color form of Conus planorbis vitulinus??
54 Conus striatellus
55 Conus generalis
56 Conus figulinus
57 Conus vexillum sumatrensis
58 Conus betulinus
59 Conus vexillum
60 Conus stercusmuscarum
61 Conus pulicarius
62 Conus stercusmuscarum
63 Conus marmoreus
64 Conus marmoreus
65 Spondylus varians
66 (L) Biplex perca; © Aporrhais serresianus; ® a solitary coral, I know the name but can't recall it now.
67 Spondylus sp, probably Spondylus barbatus, attached to a Serpulorbis colubrinus
68 unknown coral
69 chiton, species uncertain
70 Lopha cristagalli
71 unknown
72 Lopha hyotis
73 Tubipora sp. (organpipe coral)
74 uncertain, upper valve of a Pseudochama?
75 Balanus sp. (barnacles)
76 Chama lazarus
100 Architectonica perspectiva
101 Murex (Hexaplex) cichoreum
102 Murex (Hexaplex) cichoreum
103 (L) uncertain; ® Bolma erectospinosa
104 Angaria delphinus
105 (L) Strombus bulla; ® Angaria rugosa
106 Guildfordia triumphans
107 (L) Cellana flava; ® Guildfordia yoka
108 Angaria delphinus
109 Guildfordia triumphans
110 Obba marginata (land snail)
111 Ryssota sp., probably Ryssota sagittifera (land snail)
112 (L) Strombus sp., juvenile, species uncertain; © Architectonica perspectiva; ® Marisa cornuarietis (fresh water)
113 (L) Chrysallis sp.; © Canistrum ovoideum; ® Liguus virgineus (land snails)
114 (L) Chrysallis virgata (one of many forms); © unknown (family Trochidae); ® Strombus mutabilis
115 Liguus virgineus (land snail)
116 Amphidromus entobaptus (land snail)
117 Helicostyla sp., probably Helicostyla rufogaster (land snail)
118 Chrysallis sp., may all be forms of C. virgata (land snails)
119 Achatina fulica (land snail)
120 (L) Casmaria erinacea; © and ® Casmaria erinacea, form vibex
121 Conus aulicus
122 Nassa serta
123 Conus lividis
124 Conus textile
125 Conus magnificus
Thank You Paul for this Huge identification, it takes time<img src="images/smiley/wink.gif" alt="" border="0" />
And good job !
Thank you very much for taking time to view the shells. I've waited for years to have the shells identified. This is my mom's collection and she passed away a few years ago. She left the collection with me however the specimen and their identification got separated. It's like a big jigsaw puzzle for me. Would appreciate it if you can find time to view the other folders too. People like you are very rare  <img src="images/icones/icon7.gif" alt="images/icones/icon7.gif" style="border:0" />  <img src="images/smiley/clap.gif" alt="" border="0" />  <img src="images/smiley/clap.gif" alt="" border="0" />  <img src="images/smiley/clap.gif" alt="" border="0" />
very nice collection.  I think it is great that you are carrying on this collection. people like you are rare too.
Group 5:

1 Conus ebraeus
2,7 Melo sp., the shell body looks like Melo broderipii, but the flattened spines look like melo umbilicatus.
3 Conus marmoreus (or possibly Conus bandanus) (juvenile)
4 juvenile Melo, probably Melo broderippi
5 Harpa major
6 Harpa harpa
8 Harpa sp., may be Harpa ventricosa
9 (L) Harpa sp., may be Harpa cabritii; ® Harpa articularis
10 Phalium glaucum
11 uncertain - juvenile Phalium??
12 Phalium areola
14 Tonna sulcosa
16 Phalium bandatum
17 Tonna cepa
18 Tonna tessellata
19 Malea pomum
20 Tonna dolium
21 Bulla ampulla
22 Haliotis ovina
23 Tonna allium
24 Atys naucum
25 Bulla sp., probably Bulla vernicosa but could be Bulla ampulla
26 Babylonia areolata
27 (L) Hydatina albocincta; ® Hydatina physis
28 Nerita sp., can't ID the species from this angle
29 Hydatina zonata
30 Trochus niloticus (ground and polished)
31 (L) Calocochlia sp.; ® Calocochlia roissyana (land snails)
32 Trochus sp., probably Trochus stellatus
33 (L) Trochus sp. (polished); ® Trochus hanleyanus
34 Trochus niloticus
35 Tectus triserialis
36 Bolma erectospinosa
37 probably Trochus niloticus
38,40 Tectus conus
39 Helicostyla lignaria (land snail)
41 (L) Argobuccinum pustulosum, juvenile; ® Tectarius coronatus
42 Tectus triserialis
43 Maurea tigris
44 (L) three small Trochus, species uncertain
45 (L) Thiara cancellata; © Cyclophorus daraganicus (land snail); ® Helix aspersa (land snail)
46 Rapa rapa
47 (L) Monodonta labio; ® small Helicostyla, species uncertain (land snail)
48 Maurea punctulata
49,51,68 Turbo petholatus
50 Turbo marmoratus
52 Semicassis bisulcata
53 Tonna dolium
54,55,57,58,60,61,63 Neritina waigiensis (synonym: Neritina communis)
56 Tonna tessellata
59 Cancellaria mercadoi
62 Nerita sp., probably Nerita albicilla
64 Neritina coromandeliana
65,66 Neritina sp., species uncertain
70 Babylonia areolata
79 Bulla sp., probably Bulla vernicosa
81 Bulla vernicosa
98 Cypraea carneola
99 Cypraea mappa
100 Cypraea testudinaria
101 Cypraea aurantium
102 Cypraea argus
103 Cypraea tigris
104 Cypraea mappa
105 Cypraea mauritiana
106 Ovula ovum
107 I believe it is Cypraea pantherina, but it could be Cypraea tigris
108 Ovula ovum
109 Cypraea miliaris
110 (L) Cypraea vitellus; © Cypraea talpa ® Ovula ovum
Thank you for identifying PHOTO Folder #5 in the   <img src="images/icones/icon10.gif" alt="images/icones/icon10.gif" style="border:0" />  I copied all the names into Folders #7 & #5. It looks more interesting to view the shells with their names.  <img src="images/icones/icon14.gif" alt="images/icones/icon14.gif" style="border:0" />  <span class="petit">--Last edited by ysacostas on 2006-07-11 15:28:26 --</span>
I Agree with Shelltony, It's a very good thing to keep your mom's collection. Often people just store them or try to sell them... And thanks again to Paul !! <img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />
Dear ysacostas,

It is totally true <img src="images/smiley/smile.gif" alt="" border="0" /> But only for the people who hunt themselves for seashells... like me. Most of seashell collectors buy their shells like diamonds without even knowing what kind of habitat the species lives in... They have even many times wrong data given by dealers... many of us do not have the mean to travel that much and it's the only way to own a collection though...<img src="images/smiley/wink.gif" alt="" border="0" />  <span class="petit">--Last edited by David Touitou  on 2006-07-12 21:04:23 --</span>
Something to think about - if you have money and you what to buy a precious stone such as diamonds, you can just give your specifications and you can have your precious stone.

Unlike shells, you need to search the shores and dive in the depths of the ocean to look for a beautiful shell and you won't even be guaranteed you'll get the shell that you want.  <span class="petit">--Last edited by ysacostas on 2006-07-12 11:44:03 --</span>
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