Full Version: help identify vitellus from vitellus dama
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Please help me identify a cypraea vitellus from a vitellus dama.

I don't think "dama" is a valid taxon, but the form is described as being inflated, with a dark base color, large spots and a pinkish base. It's supposedly from eastern Africa, but I have seen specimens from the Philippines and Australia with all these same characteristics. Personally I think it is futile to try to name forms or subspecies of a species as widely variable as Cypraea vitellus. (I'm not much of a "splitter". Unless something is truly distinct I can't see assigning a name to it.)
I've been researching on the net and comparing photos. Now I know it's not that easy identifying vitellus. <img src="images/smiley/smile.gif" alt="" border="0" /> Thanks so much Paul.