Full Version: Mystery shell found in dubai
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Please can you assist in helping identify this shell.

I am trying to find out what it is called, what animal it comes from, where they originate from and if it is rare or not??

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Any help greatly appreciated
please can you email me answers to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
This appears to be a "venus clam", that is, a member of the family Veneridae, probably a species of Callista. Did you find this on the beach, or purchase it in a shop? The reason I ask is that it appears to be highly glossy, which makes me wonder if it is a polished specimen. Anyway, there are several species in that general area, and the picture is not sufficiently clear to enable a certain ID. Could be Callista chinensis, Callista florida, Callista impar, etc. All of these are common species.