Full Version: What is this?
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I just got back from Tampa FL.  I was wondering if anyone can help me find out what this is?  I thought it was cool, and never saw anything like this before.  Thanks <img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />
I never saw anything like it either. I'm quite sure it is not from a mollusc.  Perhaps a bone from some kind of fish or turtle or marine mammal?  Did you find it on the beach?  It is very hard, or somewhat flexible, or rather soft (compressible with your fingers)? Does it feel waxy or slippery? Do you think it is of plant or animal origin?
It is very hard, kinda like a rock.  Not quite sure what it is.  I found it on the beach.  The point on the top of it is very sharp.  I was thinking maybe it was a plant that was calcified or something.  I guess it could be a bone.  But what kind of fish or animal would have a bone that is so strange looking? I have really no clue.