Full Version: Would You Pay Someone to Collect Shells For You
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I live across from the beach on Sanibel Island and have the luxury of collecting shells whenever I like.  I have always wondered if I could get paid to collect shells for other people who don't have the convienience of living near one of the best shelling beaches in America.  I would, for example, charge $20.00 for one hour and say assign 4am-5am to "Mike Smith".  Then all the the shells I collect in that hour would go to him.  I could assign different days to different beaches on Sanibel and Captiva Island.  What do you guys think?  Would it work?
I am afraid it does not work.
Most people want to know in front what shells they are paying for.
Collect for on hour, make a picture from the shells, offer them for sale.
Think that would work better.

Wish you luck, Rob.