Full Version: What to do with Grandma's seashells?
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I'm new here. We have a large plastic bin and a cardboard box of some of the most beautiful seashells that we have ever seen!!  Grandma identified some of them, but not most of them.  We would love to see them in a "loving home".  But we have no idea of their value or how to sell them.  We need help!!  We are in SoCal if there is someone nearby who could help us.  I don't want to keep unwrapping them and wrapping them (even to take pictures) as some of them are very delicate.
Some of the tags are:
"Tent Olive..Oliva Porphyria..W. Central America"
"Imperial Voluta...So Sea" "10.00" on back of tag.
"Murex Haustellium"
"Purple Limpet"

Thanks in advance for any help.
Pat * gensearch


at some point you're going to have to go threw them and take pics of what you have,or just sell the lot,be careful not to damage the delicate ones,how many shells do you have/
It's hard to say without unpacking them again.  But I would say at least 50 shells.  They are packed in a very large plastic bin and a box (reams of paper came in the box).  I guess if someone is very interested, I would unpack and photograph them.