Full Version: CONNIE'S SHELLS IS COMING BACK....slowly
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<b>Hi everyone.  As some of you know, Connie of Connie's Shells passed away on Good Friday this past year.  I'm her granddaughter, Ashley, and I've decided to continue her wishes to sell her specimens to other collectors.  Slowly but surely, I am posting the lists up as I reorganize and update.  Right now, only conus is available.  The purchasing methods have changed, so be sure to read it over before ordering.  PAYPAL only this time.  Western Union was too much of a hassle.

So come on over and see my site.  I'm working full-time and going to college full-time.  I hope to get the rest of the lists up by July 2009 in honor of Connie's birthday.

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Thank You!!

Ashley<span style="font-family: Georgia;"></span><span style="font-family: Book Antiqua;"></span><font size="5;"></font></b>
<b>Please do not request individual lists as I am working slowly and in a specific order as I post them online.  If you are interested in a specific list, please wait until it has posted on the website.</b><span style="font-family: Georgia;"></span><font size="4;"></font>