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I've at the present time a specialized collection of near 6.000 muricidae.
I'm searching for exceptional specimens which often you cn find in older collections (1950-1970)if anyone has such material or an old (murex) collection for sale you can contact me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
I also edit a monthly updated exchange-list (specialized in muricidae and West-African material (all spoecies.

Do you have a picture of that shell you like?...,can i see it?we have murex,but i donno if this is exactly what you want,coz we sell different kind of shells,just email me if you like to see our sample pictures...,

We might have what you're looking for

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Connie and Ashley
Check my post for DEEP WATER MURICIDAE from Puerto Rico,West Indies. I have 13+ for sale. ALL are unclassifeied.All caught at fish traps. some kept since 1998 in alcohol. All are togheter as a group and where caught the same day. Animal might be lost but operculum in some still there. Non dried out!.The post is under papunPuertoRico and I started it TODAY.Accepting offers. About $10 dollars each as a group. Will ship WOLDWIDE by International Priority Service, ar any othe as asked and paib by buyer.