Full Version: Help Identifying Interesting Shells in lots of old shells
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Hiya!  I recently inherited a large collection of shells which I believe date from the 1930s-1950s.  I have seen others post groupings of shells so I was hoping if I do that if someone could let me know if there are any interesting/valuable shells mixed in.  I do realize value and what is interesting is very subjective, but being pushed in the right direction would help me greatly.

Thank you!

Here is the first group... If more detailed photos are needed of any, please let me know.

[img width=640 height=478][/img]

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These look like beach collected shells from Florida.  The lower right is Oliva sayana, above that is a stromus, worn and worm furrowed,  Then is a busycon, a juvenile tulip shell and I can't see the others . The two large "pin cushon" shell are sea urchin "tests" as the exoskeleton is called. The orange-spotted white shell above the quarte is a moon snail, family Naticiidae. The bivalves I haven't a clue!!
the orange-spotted white shell above the quarter could be a rather pale form of Natica (Naticarius) canrena (L., 1758) (Caribbean, Florida, Mexico).
Kind regards: wolf