Full Version: Beautiful Large Shell... but I can't figure it out!
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Hello!  I am very new to this and I am struggling to even narrow down this shell to identify it!  Hopefully someone on here will be able to help me.  Please let me know if the photos are not good enough and thanks in advance for any help you can give! 

[Image: bigshell2.jpg]
[Image: bigshell3.jpg]
[Image: bigshell1.jpg]
It is Turbo marmoratus, the Great Green Turban shell. Nice to get a large one in good condition, they are getting scarce now.
Thank you so much!  In looking at eBay it seems the value is probably in the $40 range?  Is there anything to look for that would make it more or less valuable?
Value is primarily determined by rariety, size, coloring and condition, which includes scars, completeness, and markings. Collection data is a big deal (read HUGE!!) for serious collectors as this helps with the potentual scientific value.  This one is mid-range in size,and doesn't have the operculum. Coloring is suprizingly uniform.  A very pretty shell!