Full Version: C. Gubernator and virgo ?
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Hello all and everyone  Smile,

I need confirmation for the identification of those two cones:

my guess are C. Gubernator (maybe frauenfeldi ?) and C. Virgo.
Sorry mate, I can't see any photos.
Hi Dave,
Hope you can see the image now  :-\

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[Image: p1010303copie.jpg]
Ah, that's better! Virgo is correct but the other is striatus, a nice one though.

The left shell looks like Conus striatus, the right is Conus virgo. Sorry Dave, I couldn't see your reply!  At least I agreed!
Thanks Dave, Thanks Paul,

Yes not huge size (67.5mm) but nice color  :Smile striatus then and good shape. Found it by 2 meters underneath a big piece of dead coral

[Image: cstriatus1a.jpg][/URL] [Image: cstriatus1c.jpg][/URL]
[Image: cstriatus1b.jpg][/URL]
That is a nice one! Handle with care though!
Thanks for the thought Dave,

I try to be very careful when manipulating shell and not only cones, also when moving underwater (stone fish, etc.), touching nothing as much as possible.

Nevertheless, I looked at specific protocols for cones in internet in case of "accident" and could not find really informative data, only really "theoretical" advice : do not move ! Go to the hospital

Not easy to do when you are diving few km from shore without boat that can bring you back quickly ! Probably I should (will) post on another rubric to get some real, good advice.
It is common sense really, always wear strong gloves. There are some great Kevlar ones you can get now that will stop sharks teeth! You never know when that hole will have a moray eel in it also. 
Just don't handle cones, even small ones can sting. Always carry them in a plastic container, never a bag near the skin. But I am sure you know all this.
Regarding the toxin, I believe it is like cobra venom and unless treated very quickly can be very nasty.