Full Version: Patella intermedia or Patella vulgata?
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These two Patella are from a beach called 'Covas', in Lugo, Galicia, Spain, from October 2002. I've looked at them severeal times but I can't decide whether they are intermedia or vulgata. My guess is that they are both vulgata. Can anyone help please?

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[Image: P1150297.JPG]

[Image: P1150298.JPG]

[Image: P1150299.JPG]

[Image: P1150301.JPG]
They are pretty worn but I would agree, both vulgata. Intermedia is much flatter and more brightly coloured, I have found them in Cornwall.
Thanks Dave!

I was born in Cornwall, but I've been living in Spain for over 20 years now. I never found any intermedia in Cornwall, although I was only a child! I found P. intermedia in the Basque country in the summer and they are absolutely beautiful inside.
My pleasure Emma. I found mine in a small cove near Mevagissey. I can't remember the place name now but there was only a beach at low tide. They were low down on the rocks and very common. A friend has taken them at Mousehole too.
20 years in Spain huh? Sitting here feeling cold and watching the snow fall I envy you!  Wink