Full Version: Looking for small groups of Cypraea for sale.
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Hello all; I posted awhile ago some my cowries for ID and got alot of help from Paul. Thank You.

The small collection I have has only one shell with collection data and I'm very interested in getting alot of the more common species with data.

I see alot of shells for sale on ebay and I see the list of dealers here but just not sure where to start. I live in Michigan USA and there is nothing locally here. I would prefer to buy small groups of cowries over individually and it would be nice to get them from th US to save on shipping but will look at any options. As far as getting less common cowries, is there any recommended dealers in the US.

Any collectors here have extra's they would like to part with?
Or any other suggestions as to where to get started would be greatly appriciated.
Thank You; Mark
I can recommend these guys, Rick and Cheryl Negus: <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->
There are a couple of shell groups on Facebook if you are on there. They often have shells for sale and some are dealers.
Thanks for the recommendations Dave, I have picked up 3 Cypraea so far and have several of Ricks on my watch list. It might be worth an email to see if he would put together a small lot of cowries for me!
I'm not on facebook, so probably wont go that route.
I,m guessing that there are shell clubs all over the world, maybe I could find some in the US that may be willing to help.

Thanks again; Mark
There a lots of shell sites on the web, you might also check out Flicker. I have made contacts through there. I have extras of some of the ultra common varieties, drop me a wish list.

Paul stephens
Hello Paul and thank you for the offer.
I have been searching the web and found lots of shell sites, there are alot, and I've picked a handfull or so that look good to me, they offer reasonable shipping, fair prices and collection data with all there shells.
As I said before, I'm not on facebook nor flickr, but will still consider those options.
I just picked up three cowries online, so that makes my grand total of cowries with collection data(4). So to make it easier, the four that I have are: C.controversa, C.sulcidentata, C.saulae and C.mappa.
I am interested in any and all others with data.
Thanks again Paul;
I sent a PM with my email included couldn't add an  attachment . 

please i do sell sea shells of many varieties,please contact me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
thanks etame felix
Hi, i have a shell craft business here in the phillipines.
I  have what you're looking for in a very low price, i'm not familiar with freight expense though.
Contact me here:
<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

You may Check it out at Facebook. My raw materials is what you need.
Shells Unlimited
here's the link:
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Hi Mark,

I have most of the common Cypraea in stock, and can certainly offer you a nice assortment at lower than average price, if you care to email me. You could list the species you have, and I'll put together some assortments of species you don't have. Or, you could list species you would especially like to obtain, and I can put together some assortments of those. Or simply price them individually. Whatever works for you.

Paul Monfils
[quote=MarkLF pid=5568 dateline=1356633502]Hi Mark,

Cowries were one of my grandmother's favorite specimens.  I have a site that I stopped cataloging on, but there are many available and willing to sell.  I live in Louisville, KY and I understand it is pretty hard to find local buyers/sellers.  Many of the shells are about 30 years old and I do still have a couple rare specimens.

You can find them on Page 8 of the Collection pages. Catalog numbers start with

Feel free to send a PM if you would like to buy some Smile

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