Full Version: Oliva from Sri Lanka
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                            Need ID help for this smal ( 28.4 mm ) Oliva from North-West-Sri Lanka.

                [img width=561 height=480][/img]

                                                        Thank you in advance
Looks like a juvenile Agaronia gibbosa.
Thank you Dave !

Found out, it looks also similar to Agaronia nebulosa
      ( Compendium of seashells, page 196 )
Similar but not the same. It is a different shape, diferent spire, different banding and different aperture to A. nebulosa. Juvenile A. gibbosa are much more slender that adults as this one is. There is a photo in Sterba's 'Olividae, A Worldwide Collector's Guide' that is exactly like yours.
                    Thank you Dave !

            I'll place them with the gibbosa.