Full Version: Limpet ID
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[Image: Fissurellasp.jpg]

This Fissurella species was acquired with an old collection - possibly West Mexico but been unable to find any match on the internet or within my large colection of this family. It is similar to Diodora viridula in appearance but it is definitely a Fissurella. Any suggestions?
Again size and an interior view may help.
[Image: Fissurellasp-interior.jpg]

Dave, Here is the interior, quite nondescipt. It is 18mm long. I had trouble adding two images at the same time so that's why I left it off originally. My shell photos are stored on Photobucket.
From that neck of the woods and with that plain inside I would say it is a form of F. volcano. It is very small so maybe a juvenile of something else of course.
Will have another look at my F. volcano as I have lots of those so you are probably right. Thanks a lot.