Full Version: ID for limpet
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[Image: P1010859.jpg]

This Diodora species was acquired about 4 years ago with locality data as Alamitos Bay, Mexico and named Diodora inaequalis. It is not this species as I have those from West Mexico. Alamitos Bay is actually in California not Mexico so the puzzle was to try to identify both origin and name. It looks a bit like Diodora yokoyomai from Japan although darker than images I have seen of that species. Any help would be appreciated.
What size is it? Any chance of an interior photo? That may help. At first glance it looks like the European Diodora graeca.
[Image: P1010861_zpsd2831340.jpg]

Here is the interior, quite nondescript. The shell is 25mm. long but has finer radials than D. graeca and the keyhole is round whereas in graeca it is more a long oval.
Sorry, that one has me stumped. I can see why it was named as inequalis though, the outside is a dead ringer but the inside is very different. Maybe a gerontic specimen?
Thanks, Dave. Doesn't seeem to have the right shape for inaequalis but maybe I have to leave it at that for now.