Full Version: Perna-Shell of Albena, Bulgaria?
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I found this shell on the beach of albena.

they are certainly very heavily worn.

Possibly Perna or heavily eroded shells of Crassostrea gigas?

Size: 39,5 x 12,5 x 4,4 mm

I also found there are similarly shaped shells, but they were light brown or white.

Greetings Herner

[img width=640 height=437][/img]

...and here are more individuals of the same species:

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It is quite similar to the Mediterranean Perna perna, but I can't say for sure if it is that species.  It is not a Crassostrea.
hello Paul,

..I am in despair!

On the site there were very many of these mussel shells.

there flows into the sea a river, so it is brackish.
Maybe it's not a sea shell, but a freshwater mussel?
Looks to me like a very worn Mytilus.

perhaps a very worn Mytilaster or Modiolus phaseolinus?

The shell is not so fragile as the Mytilus species.

It is relatively hard.