Full Version: Who have Scaphopods (from the Red Sea)
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Dear People,

I'm at the moment looking for Scaphopods (Dentalium, Antalis, Gadila, Cadulus, Fissidentalium enz.) from the next locations:

- Red Sea
- Suez Canal
- Gulf of Suez
- Gulf of Aqaba
- Strait of Bab el Mandeb

Unindentified ones are also welcome. And as last, I'm also interested in scaphopods from all other locations of the world. Unindentified or not, good or poor quality, small ones (1 mm) of big ones.

Tell me what you have and maybe we can trade them or I can buy them.
Please tell me here or send me a email.

Best Wishes, Jordy

Jordy van der Beek
Email adress: