Full Version: Help Appreciated.
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Hello everyone,
Recently my grandfather gave me a large box of unidentified shells from all over the world, and I'm looking to identify as many as I can.
There's some I'm completely stuck on, though, so any suggestions/information would be much appreciated.

[Image: shell%2B7.jpg]
Not sure at all what this is, but I thought I'd try my luck:
[Image: shell+5.jpg]
[Image: shell+4.jpg]
[Image: shell+6.jpg]

That's only a fraction of what's in the box- but I'm starting small Smile
Dear Rainforest,

To begin with: it is always better to photograph both sides of a shell so that you can see the back and the aperture. You have sent 4 photographs. I will start from top to bottom:
no. 1 - Turritella terebra
no. 2 - no shell ; it is a spine of a sea-urchin
no. 3 - Pecten-species (for this I really need a locality where it was found)
no. 4 - Lambis crocata (when the mouth is bright orange/red)
I would say the Pecten is Pecten maximus, the Great Scallop, common in Europe.