Full Version: Indefinable Shell? Or not a seashell?
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I found this "shell" on the beach, Runneway Bay, in Jamaica.

But I do not know if there is ever a shell of a seashell or a mussel.

Maybe someone can help me here in this forum with the identification?

The size is about 12 mm.

Thanks Herner

Seashell or mussel
Looks like it could be a small bivalve, not a mussel but perhaps a little clam of some sort.  But it is far too eroded to make any reasonable guess regarding its identity.
Hello Paul,

At first I thought  that it is also a clam.
I found nothing in the various books or the Internet >Sad

Now, so I tried it once in this forum.
Because of the very poor condition may be impossible, as you already write, to identify this Shell.


Hinge of a Quahog Clam? ???