Full Version: freak shells with pearls growing (blister) inside
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hey everyone

i am new to the forum and i am a collector for shells with weird attachments called blisters these are formed the same way how normally a pearl is formed only still in the shell

most people don't have any idea the weird things inside the shells are blisters so there are a lot out there

if people have these for sale send me an email also if you have some you want to trade for other shells i have some double ! Smile

i have some examples here of shells with blisters and will post more on the forum in the future

enjoy ! dan

[Image: 1240967384closeupblister.jpg]

[Image: 1986521350IMG-0051.JPG] 

[Image: 67106075Afbeelding-029.jpg]

[Image: 394690256Afbeelding-030.jpg]

[Image: 1020953064Afbeelding-033.jpg]

[Image: 805542040IMG-0022.jpg]

[Image: 26912034SAM-9276.jpg]

[Image: 1531291203KGrHqNk8E4lpg0ktGBOL87Kz37g~~0-3.jpg]

more to follow Smile
i expected tens of shells with blisters to come up Tongue so far nothing ? haha
  Sorry, I can see only uncomplete photos.
They apear in strips.
thats weird they do take a while to load here, i see them full size :S

here they open perfectly, they do take a while but i see them

i changed the links i think so must be good now

do you guys still don't see them ?
I see them fine, but I do not have any like this I am afraid.