Full Version: Very nice looking shell
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Hi at it again with the next one from the collection .. this one has Melo Diapleina written in pencil inside and is 110mm long

[img width=478 height=480][/img]

love the spikes on this one

[img width=640 height=454][/img]
This is certainly a Melo, though the species name is not familiar, either as a current name or as an old synonym.  I believe this is a small juvenile specimen of Melo amphora.  Yes, 110 mm is a small juvenile for this species, which is one of the world's largest shells, reaching almost 2 feet in length.  "Melo diadema" was an old synonym for this species, though I can't really make "diadema" out of the writing in your shell. Also, the name "diadema" was assigned by Lamarck, and the bottom line of the writing looks like it could be that name, so perhaps this is what the writer was referring to.
It looks like a juvenile Melo amphora Lightfoot. Adult specimens can reach 400-500mm...