Full Version: first shell from my 1900 collection
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Hi all you may have read my post about the collection i have received.

well i am now starting to go through it and i will need a lot of help as i am a entomologist by trade and have no knowledge of shells from around the world

it would be great to add the names and place of origin of the  ones in the collection thanks

[img width=640 height=473][/img]
[img width=640 height=263][/img]
            This is a juvenil specie of    "Cypraecassis ( Cypraecassis ) rufa "  ( Linné, 1758 )
Range:  East Africa to eastern Polynesia
Thanks very much Helmetapointe i will look it up now .. all the best
I see now how you could tell it was a young one boy the are nice when they get bigger thanks again