Full Version: Of The Naticidae, please help
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Dear friends! I`m a beginner in shellcollecting, so I have questions much more than the shells in my collectionSmile
For the most part I identify my percious shells par le net but often.... I don`t find out any answer on my questions.
In the March 2012 I`ve brought from The Maldives some seashells of which I don`t know the names.
Please, take a look at the fotos and determine this one of the  family of Naticidae shells. These dots on the surface are so niceSmile.....

[Image: 0e4f1743507at.jpg]

Many thanks in advance!
      Looks like  "Naticarius onca (Röding, 1798) "
            I'm not sure.
helmetapointe , thank you very much for the reply, your opinion makes me more assured in my guess Wink
To me it is also N. onca.
"conchylinet"' Wrote:To me it is also N. onca.
conchylinet,  thank you very much for the opinion Smile