Full Version: Another Bivalve from S.L.
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                                                        Heavy, thick Valves,  51.0 mm

                                                        [img width=336 height=480][/img]

Any help would be appreciate.  Thank you
Looks like a Gafrarium.  Close to Gafrarium menkei.
            Thank you Paul,
            I will follow this Direction.

                                            " Gafrarium menkei "  fits perfect.

                                                          great  ;D

                                                      Thank you PAUL
I think this is a Venus-species: Gafrarium tumidum (I forgot the authour...)
Hi Bart,

Thank you for reply.

WoRMS dont accept  " Gafrarium tumidum "

              <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... &id=208528</a><!-- m -->

              Accept      " Gafrarium pectinatum "
                  And      " Gafrarium menkei "    dont exist at this register.

I will enter them as:  " Gafrarium pectinatum " (Linnaeus, 1758)

              Thank you
To me, it is also Grafarium menkei.
                                      ****  Merci Pierre  ****