Full Version: Columbella rustica?
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I´m not sure, it´s C. rustica.

I found this shell on the beach in Cyprus, near Limassol.
Size: 4.8 x 4.2 x 7.8 mm

The outer edge of the mouth but is not toothed and the shell size is so small.
These features bring me mixed up with the identification.

Maybe I can help someone in this forum to identify?


I can't see your image, but the combination of small size and thin lip would ordinarily suggest an immature specimen.
Hello Paul,

thanks for your answer!  Smile

Sure, an immature specimen, it could of course be.

I've added a link in this thread. There, the pictures are also visible.

Greetings Herner

I'd definetely go with the immature specimen identification. I have a young specimen from Les Cases d'Alcanar, by the Ebro Delta here in Spain and I can tell you the colour is the same but they have a round, toothless lip just like the one in your photos. So, I'd say Paul is right: immature C. rustica.

Best wishes,

Hello Emma,

Super, many thanks for your confirmation!

Yes, this toothless lip had also made ??me suspicious.
So I was not sure by the identification.

best regards