Full Version: Newb here...found this on sanibel island FL...
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Just wondered what the experts could tell me about it...any comments??
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Looks to be a very worn and bleached out Florida Fighting Conch, Strombus alatus.
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Great call Dave!

I was thinking it's probably a fossil...might well be too since it seems to have a bit more taper than any on the link...maybe a tad less evolved ya think? There's no color on him...only shades of grey.

Btw, i'm a stromberg so, maybe he's one of my ancestors?  :Smile
It could well be then, or even what is known as a 'subfossil'. That is something that is almost a fossil but not quite there yet, needs a few more thousand years!
Did your ancestors have shells then?  Wink Anyway, your family make the best carburettors on earth! ;D
Yep, unfortunately, or fortunately?, due to the recent downturn in the carburetor market, we strombergs spend a lot of time wandering about the planet looking at the ground for the next killer app.

We stumble on some unusual things sometimes. I've found a couple of meteorites  too.