Full Version: cypraea sp?
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Hello collectors,
this is a cypraea specie need to id. I think this 2 specie are the same, maybe the cracked one is immature.(very fragile every time i touch it  the crack is worsting).
Any idea what specie might this is?
1.  [Image: 8361938.jpg] 16mm.
2.  [Image: 1338931.jpg] 17.5mm

Hello Collectors,
This topic was started almost a month now but no one yet try to figure what specie might this be.....
I accidentally look at the photo on in which i never figure out that this might be fit on the one i post. I just want a confirmation if i am right,.
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i hope that somebody will help me to determine if i am right. :-X


It seems that this is again a shell found in the sediment ? Isn't it ?

Hello Sir David,
Yes,it was just found on the beach shorelines at the very early morning when the waves are much calmer (different dates), and i  think it is fresh dead when i found it, It is difficult for me to say that it was buried in sediments and come out for me in the right time to collect it Smile ha ha ha,...

when i was on that island in Visayan sea region, first thing that i do every early morning is to go on beach combing and when in very lowtide time  i always take my time to go collecting shells on the lower water.
Anyway, many thanks for your reply and happy shelling. Wink


It's very hard to tell what species they belong too Wink
the first one seems very immature.

Happy Shelling to you !!!!
Many thanks again Sir David,

And happy shelling too, Wink
I believe this is Cypraea maricola, which is sometimes listed as a subspecies of Cypraea lisetae.  Yes, the upper specimen is definitely immature.

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Hello Paul,
I have here what i think is Nesiocypraea lisetae maricosa (f) it differs on the one i post which is i think more broader than this.... i just want your opinion if they are both same or this 3 new photos are the Nesiocypraea lisetae lisetae?
[Image: 5466226.jpg] [Image: 6062632.jpg]
[Image: 3369553.jpg] [Image: 1409263.jpg]
[Image: 9957638.jpg] [Image: 6332582.jpg]

Your opinion is most needed.