Full Version: Conus ID
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I'm not sure if this shells are " abbas, or textile sp. "

[img width=489 height=480][/img]

From N.W. Sri Lanka
Thank you in advance
These are Conus abbas.
Thank you Paul,
      i'm happy to hear this.
What to you think about this 3, also from S.L.
                G.G.Duprét is talking about " conus canonicus " with white inside.

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[img width=384 height=480][/img]

Is this " Conus canonicus " ?

    * Femorale also show canonicus from S.L.
I would say #2 was textile. #1 and #3 may be canonicus. They may even all be textile!
Note the netted pattern is much 'looser' in these compared to abbas.
Thank you Dave !

Probably all textile.
I agree, these are all Conus textile.
thx conpa !
Go with him, conpa knows far more about Conidae than I do.  Wink