Full Version: Offering SeaShells Indonesia
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Hello,  Smile

I'm Hendro01 from indonesia  wants offering you :

1.  Phyllonotus pommum
2.  Tibia fusus Shinbone
3.  Lambis lambis
4.  Conidea Sp
5.  Conidea Sp
6.  Cypraea tigris
7.  Murex pecten
8.  Nautilus belauensis
9.  Paper Nautilus
10.  Cardiidae speciem
11.  Syrinx Aruanus
12.  Trochus niloticus
13.  Elongated Troca Green
14.  green jade turbo
15.  Harpa ventricosa
16.  Green Cat Eye
17.  Pearl Oyster
18.  Cypraeidae

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I guarantee you that offering in good price. If you interested don't hesitate to contact me.

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