Full Version: Bad cowries
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Hello, I need help with the cowries below. They are from Indonesia (and beached condition)
Thank you

A- 42 mm
[Image: 40424.JPG]

B- 76 mm
[Image: 40420.JPG]

C- 32 mm
[Image: 40422.JPG]
Hello Pierre!

I'd say the first and the third are Mauritia arabica (I have some in similar condition from Papua New Guinea). If you cover the top of a Mauritia arabica in acid it is purple (I was given one, I haven't done this myself); you also see this purple covering in other cowries (annulus, if I am not mistaken).
With regard to the Bulla stage, I'm not so sure, I'd suggest Chelycypraea testudinaria; I don't think it is tigris this time. But, as always, I am not sure of the location of C. testudinaria so somebody will probably correct me.

I hope this helps,

Best wishes,

The first one may be Mauritia arabica immanis. I have a similar beach-collected one from Australia. I say this because the immanis form is more "compact" in my opinion than the normal arabica arabica.
Thanks a lot Emma,
I am ok with testidunaria as it is found in the area.
Emma, arabica immanis is endemic to the Western Indian Ocean, they are not found elsewhere. Also I do believe it is a species in its own right now..
Thanks Dave, I'll post a picture. I felt sure mine was an arabica imanis imanis by the shape and the specimen is definetely from Australia.
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Thanks for the link Dave, but I'm affraid that mine too is a "bad cowrie", a rather worn beach specimen with only a remnant of pattern. So, it's probably better I post a photo on the forum.

Best wishes,