Full Version: tiny arcidae
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Hello collectors,
This shell was accidentaly cought when the fishing boat anchor accidentally stuck in a big boulder at the depths of 35 fathoms, it was carried up to the surface and realesed back to the bottom but before that i got time to collect this specie along with cypraea carneola.
It is very small but i think it is already adult on it size because of its growthlines as you can see on the picture. does anybody has a guess what might specie name this one is? any input and help will greatly appreciated.

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please location.
Location is  Philippines (Visayan Sea).
can i also ask any opinion regarding the equivalent measurment between feet or meters to fathoms? i dont have any idea on this, only the fisherman told me how deep it was, they measured it by fathoms.
regarding fathoms:
click Length, inpuit number into any of fields .....
I believe it is Acar congenitus

1 fathom = 6 feet = 1.83 meters
i google the name you gave  and it fits to acar congenitus, many thanks Paul and also to the measurment info 8)