Full Version: bivalves id ?
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Note that color pattern, if there , is simetrcal placed, regarding both halfs of shells.
So it is not from dirt or somezhing. It comes from shell.
Loc: north adriatic sea.

well first of all i have to say , and excuse me for this, that your way to shoot pic is essentially artistic meaning that is not helpful to identify correctly the species. in fact the right way is to positioning perpendicular the shell under the camera's reflex.
any how the number 1 is tapes philippinarum, 2) chamelea gallina, 3)  seems to be tapes decussatus
Thanks for id.
Nothing to excuse, I get driven away by reflection thing (-:
In process of getting black clay & another black glass, so photos will get better regarding id oriented shooting.

Edit: see this:
The first does not look compatible with other two t.d. ?
2,3 seems compatible with what google images throws out - looking at shell surface.