Full Version: Buccinulum corneum
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I guess this is it  ?:

Rare thing here on north (as it is big, I'm sure I would find more of them, but this is only one found) mediteranean shore. Rare overall , or mybe it lives in deep water and it is not thrown on shore by sea.
I think so, too, although my specimens are slightly different, f.e. a little more slender.
Take a look:
Buccinulum corneum from Crete (hight 38 mm, Apex missing):
[img width=286 height=480][/img][img width=272 height=480][/img]
Kind regards: wolf
Yeah, I was looking at google,mine missing/modified attached part (which yours have), but some google images was allso without it.

See yours versus mine
yes I confirm  but actually the correct name is: euthria cornea( Linne', 1758)
Thanks for correction.