Full Version: Shells from Mauritius
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I have these shells from Mauritius (western Indain Ocean) and I am not sure of their id.
Can anybody help in identifying these ?

A - 17 mm

[Image: 7395.JPG]

B - 41 mm

[Image: 7397.JPG]

C - Another one of this tribe of Veneridae - 50 mm

[Image: 7406.JPG]

Thank you and happy Christmas!
A.  This appears to be the ubiquitous Polinices mammilla, a taxonomically confusing species.  It is found in many locales, and has quite a few specific names associated with it in various localities.  Further confusion results from the fact that there actually are several other species that resemble it quite closely.

B.  Appears to be Mitra chrysostoma.

C.  Looks like Periglypta chemnitzii
Thanks a lot Paul. Pierre